My Organized Chaos: bathroom drawers and other under the sink storage

Friday, June 6, 2014

bathroom drawers and other under the sink storage

Hey all! Happy Friday! Been organizing lately? I have! This time it was all about my bathroom. There are only so many drawers for storage in your bathroom so you need to use them wisely! Only the important items need to grace your drawers so you don't have to search and search. With moving into my new house I kind of just threw things in drawers that I might need to use often. Well...I suck at knowing what I will use often because I was like a pack rat at Christmas. I needed a overhaul so I could find things easily-trust me I walk around like a zombie in the mornings and I swear my sight is at about 50% capacity....meaning I am pretty much blind until I have coffee. So- I tore through my drawers and fixed them up!

Here is the before look of one of my drawers- looks kinda ok right? Wrong- I didn't use half of this stuff!

Step 1 to any good organizing-Make a mess:

It's much easier to put what you need back if you make piles. Separate items into:
1. Put back
2. Throw out (expired items, things you don't use anymore)
3. Move to another area (set up an area for things you use but maybe only occasionally. This is also good for items you have multiples of-an example of that I have is extra contact solution.)

Once you separate your items-set up a drawer plan. I have the set up below for my bathroom vanity- 3 drawers and two under the sink cabinets. I share this with my husband so I needed to make sure he had all the items he needed too. (I know what you are thinking-I'm super me I know).

I knew I needed a drawer for my hair items-Blow dryer, curling irons, straightener, and brushes. That took up one drawer in itself. I also organized that drawer using an inexpensive trick - toilet paper rolls! Check out my post on this cheap and pretty solution HERE!

The next drawer I knew I needed was one for my bobby pins, head bands, combs, hair ties, and styling pins. (Yes I have a lot of hair stuff. I may be obsessed). This took up the second drawer from the bottom.  BTW- some tips for organizing hair items like this are below--look at the picture to see what I'm talking about:

-use shower rings to hold all your hair ties
-keep headbands together with hair clips
-use a ribbon to hold flat hair clips together in one spot
-use a magnetic strip on the side wall of the drawer to hold bobby pins. Oh and by the way--if you get ambitious you can make your magnet strip pretty-use nail polish to "paint" the strip and tada! You have a pretty bobby pin holder! I did this of course- again to the latest episode of Awkward (which was crazy by the way! Lez-be-honest)

Finally-the top drawer. I put things that we use daily in this drawer and I put all of my husbands items in this drawer because, well, he is really tall and he doesn't have to bend as far down :)  In this I put lotion, deodorant, contact solution and case, floss, pore strips, and Mark's electric razor. We are using this drawer the most so it's important we put the most used items in this drawer.

Under the sink storage
In the past I have posted about some creative ideas to under the sink storage-check it out HERE. Another brilliant idea I thought of was re-using some office items that I no longer needed. Remember those old inbox/outbox mail slots that were often on top of desks?

I had two that I had no use for but then brilliance struck! I turned one upside down and glued it to the other- suddenly I had a shelf to put hairspray and such on and I had a slot for a small organizing bin to fit perfectly! Love it! Now my under the sink storage is fully utilized and all in it's place!

So there you have it! An oasis of organizing. The main point with this organizing is you want to limit the number of items on the counter top. It becomes cluttered and looks messy. Try to organize as much as you can in drawers but make it simple!

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