My Organized Chaos: Dust gathering items beware!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Dust gathering items beware!

Have some junk laying around your house or garage just gathering dust? We all do-nothing to be ashamed of! However, you could be that really cool kid on the block and use some of that old stuff to create new storage solutions! All your friends will think you are super visionary and crafty.....well, maybe.

Here are some things that I found brilliant for creating organization:

1. V-H- Say what?
 I wasn't so sure about this one but after looking into it a bit- it might just work! VHS wall holders! Oh yes, pull out those out of dates video cases and put them on the wall. You would have to give the VHS box some TLC-clean them up, take out the videos, pull out the cover. (Unless you want to hang a tape of Sweatin' to the Oldies on the wall.....your call). Put things like papers, remotes, keys, etc inside!


2. Sneaky storage
Not everything needs to be on display in your house. Some items you just don't want your friends or family to see. More than that-no one likes a cluttered house. If only there was a way to store items together in a decorative way.....oh wait there is! Have books that you don't read anymore or are some you received as gifts that you never plan on reading? Make them into your own hidden storage by cutting out the pages of each book and only leaving the spine. Build a small box to fit behind the books without being seen and glue it all together! I'm in the middle of building one for myself and I am super excited to see the outcome!

3.  Oatmeal anyone?
The food we eat every day offer tons of re-usable storage! They are probably the easiest items to re-purpose and re-use in your home. Slap some pretty paper, your favorite fabric or washi tape on those left over tins and cans and you have instant cute storage. Perfect example of this- Quacker Oats bin that has been re-covered. Use it to hold pens, scissors, cooking spoons, crafting supplies, or even makeup brushes. Also- this works great with soup and vegetable cans too!

4. Who makes bundt cakes anymore? Seriously
Really though.....who makes bundt cakes? I have had a bundt cake pan for about 4 years and have never even came close to making a bundt cake. Couldn't even tell you how to start to make one.....literally know nothing about them. So why do you have a bundt cake pan you ask?....I have no idea. Until now! I'll turn it into an office/craft supply organizer! It'll get much better use in it's life doing that! :)

5. Shut out that junk mail
House updates happen all the time. Owning a home means you never stop working on your house. I don't know if I will ever get to a point where I say "I think our house is perfect in every way and I don't want to change it for the next 30 years". You will always want to change and improve something. If those happen to be your shutters then you might have another use for them! Try using them for sorting incoming mail or bills. They can also be used for jewelry storage or fabric piece storage.

6. Gardening gone glamorous
I love using items you would never even think of for storage. Image working in the garden and you brake the handle on your rake. Bummer right? Wrong! Yes you can buy a new handle and have your rake back to working order.....OR you can use the bottom of the rake for something more fun! :)  Why not turn it into a jewelry rack? It's perfect for it! Display your favorite necklaces with something everyone will say "Why didn't I think of that?!"

7. A crown for your shoes
Whenever you build a new house, do a renovation, or work on a project you always seem to end up with some extra supplies that you didn't need. I found this idea online and it is genius! Use left over crown molding for your high heels! Paint them, hang them, and tada, you have instant shelving for all those fancy and pretty heels. Love this idea and it's super easy!

What items laying around the house can you re-use for some smart storage? Have a cool idea for repurposed storage?
Share it with me! I'd love to hear it!

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