My Organized Chaos: September 2015

Monday, September 28, 2015

Clutter turned decor

Hey all! Have clutter? Who doesn't at some point!? I wanted to share a project I recently did that helped de-clutter the top of my dresser. BONUS- it's now easier to clean!! Woo-Hoo!!

For Mark and I's honeymoon a few years back (I can't believe it's been 2 years already!) we went to Jamaica. By the way- looking for a place to vaca, go to Jamaica! Holy paradise! I fell in LOVE with Jamaica. Why doesn't Foot Locker open a warehouse in Jamaica?! Maybe I need to work on that......
Anyways! While in Jamaica I wanted to bring back a few souvenirs to remember our time there. I ended up picking up some really cute little shells that I found on the beach while we would go on a nightly walk. (Btw- is it illegal to bring back shells into the US? If it is....then I meant that I did NOT bring anything back. In fact I left things there.....). So, let's start again. I have a friend that brought shells back from Jamaica, not me. Anyways, this friend put the shells on display on my dresser so I would see them each day as I got ready. Sounds sweet right? Until you have to pick up each shell and clean under them each week. And by that I mean clean under them occasionally and mostly dust around them because you are too lazy to move them. This was getting old fast so I needed a better solution to display my (I mean my friends) mementos from our honeymoon without the hassle of having it in the way. 

Here are the shells from Jamaica that I used in my project. 

After many hours wasted on Pinterest I can across a really cute project that someone did with a shadow box. I immediately started work on mine! First- obviously needed to buy a shadow box. I bought mine at Michael's craft store for $10.99. 

I didn't really like the plain stark white background of the shadow box so I decided to buy a Make Market linen panel also from Michael's for a backdrop. I was able to snag this on clearance for $1.50. Score! 

This project was super easy to put together! First, I laid out exactly how I wanted the shells to look in the frame. I decided on a heart outline. After I had a general idea of how the end product would look I placed the linen panel in the shadow box and secured it down to the backing with a little clear tacky craft glue. I then glued each shell down using the same tacky glue in the desired shape and viola! Done! That's it! It was a really simple project but turned out great if I do say so myself. Last but not least it doesn't require cleaning and is a more creative way to display something I love rather than just having them propped up on our dresser. 

Here is the final result!

Love it!! Super easy and cheap! Only about $13 after tax. What can you de-clutter around your house and craft into super cute decor? I'd love to hear what projects you have done!

Until next time.....

Friday, September 25, 2015


Hey there! So something happened to me yesterday that is one of my biggest pet peeves...... tangled earbuds. Or are they called headphones even though they go in your ears..... Anyways, I know you are probably like, "Really Allison, that's your problem for the day. woooowww" #firstworldproblems #smallprobs #theywerereallytangled. Ok Ok Ok I'll stop.  Not sure why I went on a hashtag slide there. My bad!
Really- this happens to me all the time and yes I know I am to blame because I just throw them in my purse and expect them to roll themselves up. Well, they never do! 
So I took to the internet to figure out a cheap and easy way to fix this. (yes I actually looked this up. Don't judge me). I didn't want to buy some gadget that holds the cords, just a way of tying them or something easy to DIY to help. I found a few ways and wanted to share them with you!

Headphones before:

The way I am using it the way I am picturing below. It doesn't take any materials, just wrap the cords a certain way. I admit I had to think about this one to continue to wrap it correctly. May not be the best way in a hurry or until you can memorize the way to do it. Or maybe i'm just slow........that's probably it....let's be honest. 

Just make sure you loop in front of your pinky finger and behind your index finger. Lastly, pull the plug in through the hole and you are done! When ready to use, just pull the plug back through the loop and pull. They should pull apart easily!

You can always use the tried and true of just wrapping them around your fingers and wrapping the cord on itself but I like the method above because they pull apart easier. 

Some people deploy fancy or DIY gadgets to hold their headphones
Image result for wrapping headphones
Image result for wrapping headphones
Image result for wrapping headphones
Image result for wrapping headphones
Image result for wrapping earphones

Or even use containers to store their cords away from other items:
Image result for wrapping headphones
Image result for wrapping headphones

And then there are the just plain disturbing.....
Image result for wrapping headphones
Image result for wrapping earphones

It looks like the holders you can buy range any where from $1 to $30.....the disturbing gargoyle/monster/demon head was $25. Why anyone would buy that is beyond me. 

Hopefully this helps in your quest for the perfectly organized earbuds....or earphones.......or headphones......or whatever they are!

Until next time.........

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rule of 3

Hello all!  Happy summer! Crap............. summer is pretty much over.......

Can you believe it's already September?!?!?! I have been SO busy these last few months that it seems like this year is flying by! With time flying by I have found myself in a less organized state. Might you say...chaotic. This happens to everyone once and awhile. Organizing takes work and planning. I find myself getting more stressed when things are busy and a dirty or unorganized house can just add to it. That's why it's important to make time to get yourself straight each week. Even if it's only for 30 mins in that week. Every bit helps!

I recently did a project to help declutter the top of my dresser in the master bedroom and it brought me back to something I heard about a long time ago. I have often heard that you need to follow the rule of 3. Ever heard of it? Well let me tell you about it! I try to use the rule of 3 as a guideline when looking at areas of my house all the time. The rule is simple: Only have 3 items on your shelf, cabinet, dresser, table, whatever. This helps to make the room seem less cluttered and overwhelming. Also- HUGE bonus- it's easier to clean! Yay! Now you don't need to stop reading and run around your house taking off items from every corner shelf in your house. Unless you are a hoarder.....then keep going.......yep- you're not done..........keeeeep going.........ok let's move on.
Really though-you don't have to only have 3 items in a space- the rule is really to be used to help you to simplify your space. Use it for how it works in YOUR life. 

Check out these really simple decor looks that use the rule of 3 as a guideline:

Basically you are trying to avoid this:

This is actually making my throat close up. Maybe i'm allergic to the tasteful stuffed tiger on the couch....
But really- these types of rooms are not inviting to others and are way too much work! 
Don't get me wrong- there may be rooms in magazines or set ups in stores like Ikea (aka mecca/the homeland) that look great and have alot of decor items in them. However- remember that they are trying to sell you something so of course they would have all items out to see. Check out this cute living room with all the bright colors and the cute dog (not included)

It screams style and cuteness BUT look at how much stuff is in there!! WAY too much! Take out half of that and the room would look gorgeous! Oh, and...leave the dog- he helps too!

Now, again, I am not saying you need to go on a decor binge- maybe just find new ways to display your style that doesn't make people want to wear a respirator just to be able to breath around it. That's all I'm saying. Get creative! Make a fun project rather than a chore! Re-purpose an old cabinet to display items, build a shelf, buy a mansion....ok you get what I mean. Keep it fun and use the rule of 3 as your guiding light. 

Until next time.........