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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rule of 3

Hello all!  Happy summer! Crap............. summer is pretty much over.......

Can you believe it's already September?!?!?! I have been SO busy these last few months that it seems like this year is flying by! With time flying by I have found myself in a less organized state. Might you say...chaotic. This happens to everyone once and awhile. Organizing takes work and planning. I find myself getting more stressed when things are busy and a dirty or unorganized house can just add to it. That's why it's important to make time to get yourself straight each week. Even if it's only for 30 mins in that week. Every bit helps!

I recently did a project to help declutter the top of my dresser in the master bedroom and it brought me back to something I heard about a long time ago. I have often heard that you need to follow the rule of 3. Ever heard of it? Well let me tell you about it! I try to use the rule of 3 as a guideline when looking at areas of my house all the time. The rule is simple: Only have 3 items on your shelf, cabinet, dresser, table, whatever. This helps to make the room seem less cluttered and overwhelming. Also- HUGE bonus- it's easier to clean! Yay! Now you don't need to stop reading and run around your house taking off items from every corner shelf in your house. Unless you are a hoarder.....then keep going.......yep- you're not done..........keeeeep going.........ok let's move on.
Really though-you don't have to only have 3 items in a space- the rule is really to be used to help you to simplify your space. Use it for how it works in YOUR life. 

Check out these really simple decor looks that use the rule of 3 as a guideline:

Basically you are trying to avoid this:

This is actually making my throat close up. Maybe i'm allergic to the tasteful stuffed tiger on the couch....
But really- these types of rooms are not inviting to others and are way too much work! 
Don't get me wrong- there may be rooms in magazines or set ups in stores like Ikea (aka mecca/the homeland) that look great and have alot of decor items in them. However- remember that they are trying to sell you something so of course they would have all items out to see. Check out this cute living room with all the bright colors and the cute dog (not included)

It screams style and cuteness BUT look at how much stuff is in there!! WAY too much! Take out half of that and the room would look gorgeous! Oh, and...leave the dog- he helps too!

Now, again, I am not saying you need to go on a decor binge- maybe just find new ways to display your style that doesn't make people want to wear a respirator just to be able to breath around it. That's all I'm saying. Get creative! Make a fun project rather than a chore! Re-purpose an old cabinet to display items, build a shelf, buy a mansion....ok you get what I mean. Keep it fun and use the rule of 3 as your guiding light. 

Until next time.........

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