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Monday, September 28, 2015

Clutter turned decor

Hey all! Have clutter? Who doesn't at some point!? I wanted to share a project I recently did that helped de-clutter the top of my dresser. BONUS- it's now easier to clean!! Woo-Hoo!!

For Mark and I's honeymoon a few years back (I can't believe it's been 2 years already!) we went to Jamaica. By the way- looking for a place to vaca, go to Jamaica! Holy paradise! I fell in LOVE with Jamaica. Why doesn't Foot Locker open a warehouse in Jamaica?! Maybe I need to work on that......
Anyways! While in Jamaica I wanted to bring back a few souvenirs to remember our time there. I ended up picking up some really cute little shells that I found on the beach while we would go on a nightly walk. (Btw- is it illegal to bring back shells into the US? If it is....then I meant that I did NOT bring anything back. In fact I left things there.....). So, let's start again. I have a friend that brought shells back from Jamaica, not me. Anyways, this friend put the shells on display on my dresser so I would see them each day as I got ready. Sounds sweet right? Until you have to pick up each shell and clean under them each week. And by that I mean clean under them occasionally and mostly dust around them because you are too lazy to move them. This was getting old fast so I needed a better solution to display my (I mean my friends) mementos from our honeymoon without the hassle of having it in the way. 

Here are the shells from Jamaica that I used in my project. 

After many hours wasted on Pinterest I can across a really cute project that someone did with a shadow box. I immediately started work on mine! First- obviously needed to buy a shadow box. I bought mine at Michael's craft store for $10.99. 

I didn't really like the plain stark white background of the shadow box so I decided to buy a Make Market linen panel also from Michael's for a backdrop. I was able to snag this on clearance for $1.50. Score! 

This project was super easy to put together! First, I laid out exactly how I wanted the shells to look in the frame. I decided on a heart outline. After I had a general idea of how the end product would look I placed the linen panel in the shadow box and secured it down to the backing with a little clear tacky craft glue. I then glued each shell down using the same tacky glue in the desired shape and viola! Done! That's it! It was a really simple project but turned out great if I do say so myself. Last but not least it doesn't require cleaning and is a more creative way to display something I love rather than just having them propped up on our dresser. 

Here is the final result!

Love it!! Super easy and cheap! Only about $13 after tax. What can you de-clutter around your house and craft into super cute decor? I'd love to hear what projects you have done!

Until next time.....

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