My Organized Chaos: Office files update!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Office files update!

In May I did a post about getting ready for next tax season by organizing your tax files (Check out the post HERE). Today I decided to sit down and completely finish that project. The files worked great but I hated my sloppy handwriting I did on the labels when I was in a hurry to have my papers together. I finally figured out how I wanted my labels to look so I got to work!

Now before I talk through all this, let's go back to where I was:

Like I said, super efficient and useful but kinda ugly :)

Time to improve! First the supplies I used were:
- Label Maker
- Washi Tape (seriously love this stuff)
- Box cutter

This was super easy and I can change out the labels easily if I change my files.
--First I put the washi tape across the front of the clear file tab:

--Then I cut the tape to the edges of the tabs:

--Finally I print out a label with a clear backing on my label maker and apply it to the tab:

Success!! You now not only have super organized files (that are totally ready for tax season by the way) they will also be super cute--and who doesn't love that!! Here is my wonderful finished product! Love it!

Also- Don't forget--leave me some comments on things you want me to look into or post about! I'd love to take any suggestions!

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