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Saturday, June 14, 2014

DVD storage - space saver

Hey all! Part of my organizing habit is getting WAY too giddy about things that I organize or solutions I come up with-and this post is about one situation like that! I am SO excited about this one. Remember the first time you lost a tooth and the Tooth Fairy left you 50¢? It's that kind of feeling-but better! Ok, ok-call me a nerd, I don't care!

This week I ventured into the land of DVD storage. DVD's take up some serious space, especially when you have a lot of them like Mark and I. We have a really cool TV storage stand, well really it's a wine cabinet that is now a cool TV storage stand but our DVD's took up all the shelves. We love to watch movies but anymore we only use our physical DVD's maybe 10% of the time and use Netflix or online to watch the other 90%. So why have our cabinet taken up by so much space when we only use them part of the time?

Here is what my cabinet looked like before:

A mess right? All the DVD cases plus 2 DVD books and xbox controllers and TV remotes and DVD player remotes and...and...AND! Tons of stuff basically. I wanted to make alittle space so I could of course fit more stuff in the cabinet :)

Though we used the DVD books I really didn't like them because some DVD's don't have the titles on them except for some tiny tiny print on the inside of the face. So I looked online for alittle while and found the PERFECT solution. Atlantic movie sleeves. They hold 2 discs per sleeve and are large enough to hold the DVD cover too. More and more DVD's you buy are coming with 2 discs-one for the movie and another for the special features. Having 2 discs in the same sleeve helps keep these discs together. Also-these sleeves work great for Blu-Ray too!

The Atlantic sleeves come in 25 disc capacity or 50 disc capacity. It just depends on how many you wish to use. Like I said I love these even if the movie only includes 1 disc just because I can have the cover with the movie and still same space.

So how much space does this really save? A TON! Check out my stack of DVD cases and my DVD book vs. my new DVD box while using the sleeves:

See the difference? Crazy right? It's less than half the size! But I didn't stop know I wouldn't stop after that! I wanted to make sure I could easily find a DVD when I wanted to watch it. The tough part, deciding to order them alphabetically or by genre. I choose genre...but also alphabetized it within the genre. I know you are probably thinking what a freak but I will challenge anyone to a DVD finding match. I will win every time.
I had to try to figure out how I could label the sections while fitting something in there that would separate them and be the right size. Then I had a "duh" moment. I simply used some of the empty sleeves I had left over and placed colored tabs on them. Then I used my label maker to print out the titles for each tab. It turned out great! 
Drumroll please..... Here is the finished space in the cabinet:
Look at that! SO much space! Seriously, scroll back up to the top and look at the before picture, then scroll back down here and be in awe of the wonderfulness of it.
Here is where I found all the handy dandy things I used:
1. Atlantic Movie Sleeves- found HERE. Did I mention they also come in fun colors too?
2. Tabs to go on the movie sleeves to separate into categories- found HERE.
3. Super cute box I found that fit the DVD's perfectly-Bed, Bath and Beyond Clearance section.

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