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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New house = new storage problem

Hey all! My mom has inspired what my post will be about today because her and I have a very similar problem- we both moved into new houses recently and that means new storage problems. She called me today and while talking about our houses we got on the topic of her new bathroom. The bathroom didn't offer enough counter space and didn't have a ton of storage other than a few drawers. We talked through some common options such as shelves or hangers but were coming up short.  So what happens when your new house doesn't work for space? You get creative.

All of these ideas take only a few minutes to put in place and all cost little money. Try them out!

Here is a hanging basket you can use to store cleaning products, hair stuff, or anything small.
Speaking of hair items, why not store your hair dryer, brush or curling iron on the door rather than take up drawer or counter space?

 Again, using the door of the sink- you can cut an old behind the door shoe organizer to fit behind the smaller door. (Hint-you can use it on both doors for double the storage!) Use this for cleaning items, hair sprays, perfumes, anything!
Don't forget about utilizing the space in the air too! See how the baskets only take up some of the space leaving all that air above it. Use it! Hang a tension rod to put towels, cleaners, hang baskets or whatever in that space to use all the space available.
Last but not least- use behind the door storage! Shoe organizers are perfect for this! Look how much it holds!

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