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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What is in that basket?......Labeling

So you've organized a few things in your house....a few baskets here, a few containers there-now its time to label your stuff so you know where it is! Labeling makes it so easy to find everything incredibly fast and it's nice to keep your items orderly by every thing being in its place. There are hundreds options out there for labeling so I will show you just a few:

Label Maker

I know this sounds so 90's to use a label maker but I LOVE label makers...but I'm also a organizing nerd. There are some great ones you can get at office supply stores such as Office Depot. I personally have this one and love it. It's so easy to use and comes with refillable clear and white tape. (I realize how incredibly dorky I just sounded

Chalkboard signs & Stickers
Chalkboard signs and stickers had become all the rage in the organizing world, and for good reason. They are great to use for containers or baskets that you know you will be changing out the contents at some point. A good example of this is the kitchen. Over time your kitchen will change and the container that once held your Ramen Noodles will then hold baby food or formula. When those changes do happen, you'll be ready by just wiping off your chalkboard and re-naming the container.

Make your own!
Seriously, just open up Word or download a template on-line and start to create your own labels. This way you can customize the labels to fit your needs and d├ęcor. Have a bathroom that's all done in orange? Make a label for the extra toilet paper basket that is in the same color of orange. But seriously....don't do your bathroom in orange....that's just gross. Or yellow...that's gross too....unless it's more of a marigold kind of track. I've linked the labels you see to the left so that you can download it to use or customize-just click HERE

Make labeling fun and make it something you won't have to re-do in 30 days. The more versatile the labels, the better.

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