My Organized Chaos: Late Night Snacking in the Fridge Made Easier

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Late Night Snacking in the Fridge Made Easier

Ever find yourself staring into the fridge late at night looking for that next sweet or salty snack? It happens! BUT have you ever looked into your fridge and thought "I wish it was easier to find my *cough* healthy snack"? Ok maybe not, but fridge organization doesn't take long and has many payoffs. Don't let that container of sour cream ever....well....sour again. Now here's how to clean up that fridge!

1. Pull everything out.
You might have just snorted a bit at me, but I'm serious! Take EVERYTHING out. This is the only way you can see what is still good or not. If you are worried this will take you awhile and are worried your groceries will spoil, stop up the kitchen sink and fill it with ice water. Submerge your groceries in it to keep them cool.  Ok now that we have that worry out of the way- back to the fridge.

2. Wipe down the entire fridge
Inside and out, wipe down the entire thing. I suggest using some antibacterial wipes so you kill all those little critters that have been hanging out in the far back corner. Don't act like you haven't been ignoring them for the last 2 months in hopes that their colony slowly dies out.

3. Consider a liner
If you are really serious about keeping the fridge clean then I suggest using a liner on all shelves and drawers. It makes clean up super quick and looks pretty! Click Here and Here for some examples of liners with really fun prints and colors and where to purchase them. (Psst- they are only $15 at Walmart for a HUGE roll that will last you forever!) They are very inexpensive and last until you change your mind on colors or decide to do another spring cleaning.

4. Organize items into groups before putting them back
Separate the freezer items into whatever categories make sense for you. Group like things together like vegetables, beef, chicken, desserts, etc. Same for the fridge- all cheese products together, lunch meat together, etc. I also like to separate out things that will spoil soon. This way I see everything and know what I have. With doing this you also are less likely to have 4 bottles of ketchup because you bought more thinking you were out.

5. Add organizing trays
When reaching in the fridge do you often have to move aside 3-4 items to reach something in the back? Try using clear trays so you can pull all the items out at once to reach something further back without having to reorganize it again later. Click Here to check these out from Bed, Bath & Beyond-they are clear so you are always able to see the contents.

6. Put everything back in the fridge and enjoy!
But don't leave the fridge door open too long admiring your handiwork....seriously...stop it.

The end result looks great and is super functional!


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