My Organized Chaos: Annual Donation Tracker- Get that tax write off!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Annual Donation Tracker- Get that tax write off!

If you are anything like me (let's hope that's not the case) you forget to grab that receipt from Goodwill or Salvation army or worse yet, you get a blank one from them and forget to fill it out. Then you are sweating bullets as the tax preparer is asking you the value of your donations and all you have to show are blank receipts!

Well no fear! For blogger Alli is here! (Did that sound as corny as it reads?) I am linking a simple donation tracker you can use in a planner, hang on the fridge, stuff in a drawer....whatever. Keep the blank receipts in case you donate enough items that you need to have proof of receipt but fill out the tracker to keep it all straight! Now go donate that hideous sweater that is in the back of the closet and while your at it, go ahead and donate that shirt your friend lied to you about and said it looked know the one I'm talking about.   :)

                                                      Download it for free- Here!

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