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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

To-Do....start checking those boxes off!

I LOVE to-do lists. Like, it's an obsession. I write a to-do list for everything. I even write things on my list that I know I've already done just so I can check them off or cross them out. You know you've done this too. If you haven't then what are you waiting for?? Seriously, it makes you feel awesome!

The only problem I have with my to-do lists is it ends up being on a random scrap of paper that I always lose! Then I spend more time looking for that stupid list than doing what is on the list. Backwards, right?

I sat down today and put together a super clean and quick to-do list. Now I'll put this in my planner and have this everywhere I go! 

                                                    Click Here to download this page!

P.S.-- I had a few people ask me about the discbound planner circa notebook I am using.  All the pages I have created I am using in a discbound notebook but they also work perfect for 3 ring notebooks.  I am also considering making a template for a smaller notebook. (Right now all these templates are for 8 1/2 x 11 paper)  Let me know what you all think!

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