My Organized Chaos: Blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons, oh my!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons, oh my!

Feel like you are lost in a web? A web of cords that is? I HATE when this happens! I am already super slow in the morning and the last thing I need is to fight the cords on my blow dryer. I have seriously thought about going out of the house with wet hair many times just so I don't have to deal with blow drying my hair, then straightening it, then putting on hair spray, then fighting the frizz and fly-aways for about 10 more minutes with hairspray, only to give up and put in a bobby pin. I was cruising the web the other day and found a generous way to help keep your cords organized... and pretty!

This is pretty much what I started with, the good old wrap the cords around the iron trick:

This works great when I'm done because it's quick, however when I go to dry my hair the next day the cords always seem to tangle and knot-bring in the wet hair day!

I am all about the easy at home solution and I love this idea I got. All you need: toilet paper rolls and washi tape! You will always have empty toilet paper rolls around your house and you can pick up some washi tape for a few bucks! Like I said, genius!

First, pick out your washi tape and what colors you want--here are some places to get washi tape online. Trust me the roll of tape will go a long way.

Next, start wrapping your toilet paper roll. I know this seems silly to do but it's quick and cheap! I finished mine while watching the latest show of Awkward. (Don't you love that show?!?! If you don't then I might not know how to communicate with you....You're Welcome.)


It's that easy! Wrap the cords so they fit and viola! You now have cords that never tangle and they keep the drawer nice and tidy. Bonus-they look super cute and are a far cry from the TP roll they once were.

Enjoy your beautiful new organized drawer but there is a caution I have to say: Don't try to have all the empty TP rolls ready at once- build up your stock over know what I'm saying.....

Also- keep using your washi tape for more projects! I used the same washi tape for a bubble bath basket on the top of my tub:

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