My Organized Chaos: [VIDEO] Linen Closet Makeover!

Monday, May 19, 2014

[VIDEO] Linen Closet Makeover!

Hey all! I've been working hard all week on all things organizing and I'm super excited to share all my projects with you!
Since buying our house in March I have been passing by my linen closet in the hall cringing every time. It was mock organized, or what I like to call "fake" organized. To the untrained eye it looked like I had my stuff together, but alas I did not. I had containers in the closet from our last house that were labeled and everything but they just didn't work in this new house closet. They were loo large for the space and didn't function for what I needed.
Makeover time!! I am super giddy over my new closet-to the point where I walk past it and smile! :)
I know it's lame, but when you love organizing like me-it's the small things. It's super functional and easy to upkeep. Hope you love it too! My blog is being a pain and not letting me upload the video (trust me I've tried everything) so I will have to send you over to youtube to check it out. Link is below!
Check out my video on youtube!!


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