My Organized Chaos: Grocery shopping time!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Grocery shopping time!

Hey all- Ever gone to the grocery store only to stand in the aisle and forget what you went to the store for in the first place? Or better yet, have you gone to the store, forgot what you went for and ended up buying tons of things you probably didn't need? Don't worry we have all done this. If you say you haven't then you are lying. I have walked out of a store with the most random items like Oreos, a pet toy, and vitamins when I went for cereal and bread. True story. Then when I get home I suddenly remembered what I needed....and ate Oreos instead.

Ok, let's get more organized when going to the store. We need a game plan when going in to that grocery store jungle. Grocery stores are great at distracting us and playing off our hunger (i.e.-Oreos). Going in with a defined list will help you get in and out quicker and buy only what you need. Organizing this list is a breeze. I have created a list that already has common items that show up on most shopping trips and spaces to fill in others. It is separated into sections that go with the area of the grocery store you are in. For example: Produce, Meats, Dairy, etc.

Take this list in with you and concur the grocery store! Download it for free below!

                                         Download this grocery list for free HERE!

For the month of May you can download the weekly and monthly planner-for free! Download these HERE and HERE!

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