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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nom Nom Nom Nom....Garden growing!

Hey all!  I mentioned a few weeks ago about my dad being in town and working on some projects. I have finally had the chance to take some pictures of what we worked on and I wanted to share them with you!

First project: Garden
I really wanted to try my hand at my first garden this year. For years my parents had one back by our patio but I really didn't take much interest in it. Years later I have grown fascinated with growing my own produce so I wanted to try a garden and keep it organic so I can eat healthier and always have produce available.
First we spotted out some ground in my back yard that would work for the garden. We wanted an area that would have shade part of the day but also would largely be in the sun. This was super easy for me to find in my yard because I had a spot that fit that requirement and was also conventionally not growing grass due to the previous owners of the house having something parked on it. Unsightly bare spot-solved!
Then we had to decide what to plant. This was easy for me since I tend to be a picky eater when it comes to vegetables. Here is what I ended up deciding on:
Bell peppers
Next we tilled the ground and started forming rows to plant. We planted all the seeds in their rows and I labeled the rows to remember what was planted there. Here are a few pictures of our work and how it's coming along!



Second Project: Tool Box
My dad gave us a great tool box he had and it works so well in our garage. The tool box project consisted of fixing it up a bit- really like giving it a face lift. First we swept out all the drawers then we painted the drawers all one color. We used a hammered spray paint from Home Depot and it looks amazing. It totally updated the drawers-you wouldn't even know it's an older tool box.
After the paint dried we started to organize the tools and where they went. We separated out like tools together so each type had it's own drawer or section.
Finally- I labeled all the drawers using my label maker so I could find what I was looking for quickly. The end result is both great looking and functional!
 Check out the drawers (newly painted) compared to the outside (not painted yet in the photo). See the difference!

Third Project: Patio Tables
With buying a new house I wanted to start fresh with certain areas. One area was the patio. I wanted to have a great outdoor space to entertain and have our friends come over to enjoy. I also wanted to be alittle creative with the furniture rather than the cookie cutter store brands-something I could really make fit for Mark and I. I found some inspiration online for awesome tables and I turned them into these little beauties!
Best part of these side tables are they were cheap to make! I purchased the bottom of the table, half a wooden whiskey barrel, from Home Depot. It's actually a planter in the garden section that I just turned over on it's top. I went to Hobby Lobby and found the round pieces of glass to use as a table top. I also used some rain-x spray on the glass so cleaning it is a breeze. The planter barrel was already weather treated so I didn't have to do anything to it! Lastly I make some decorations of flowers and candles to put on top to add the finishing touches!



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