My Organized Chaos: Long time, no see!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Long time, no see!

Hey! WOW it has been FOREVER since I wrote on here. I have definitely missed it! You know what happened? Life happened. Don't you hate that? :)    Really I have had a good couple months and the time seems to be on turbo boost. I got a new job (that I love by the way) and it has taken up a huge chunk of time. I also seem to have projects, games, or something going on every weekend (which I love also). I recently just threw an 80's themed party (random I know) but it was a blast and let me tell you- the outfits were insane. I will spare you the pain of seeing them on here :)

Ok-- let's talk organizing! I have been working on projects around my house lately because well if you own your own home, you know the projects never stop. Mark and I are in the middle of converting a very large walk in closet in our house to my very own craft room! I am super excited to have my own space to create, plus I think Mark is happy all my supplies will be in one place rather than taking over the kitchen table....and the dining room table....and the spare room....and the living room.....yea....  I will be posting our progress soon-let's just say it's got counter tops in it and is freshly painted a nice white. More to come!

Ok- what this post is really about (more for the ladies on this one): Purse organization. In these last few weeks of running around, my purse has seen it's fair share of receipts, pens, makeup, hair brushes, granola bars, wallets, loose change, and the list goes on and on. I love to carry large tote purses but the only down fall to them is it seems like they are the black hole of purses. I literally have to dig and shove things around to find what I am looking for most of the time. I wanted to look into how I could create alittle organization to my purse without having to get a brand new one. I wanted to share some things I found and am in love with!

Organizer that fits in your purse:
This things sole purpose in life is to sit in your purse and create more pockets to put items. It has mesh pockets on the outside so you can see your items like pens, phones, makeup, lotions, etc. It slips into your purse and even has a larger open pocket in the middle to hold wallets, cash, checks (if you still use them, and yes people still use them- I am one of the ones stuck in the dinosaur age)
Fold up hair brushes:
I have been know to carry my entire hair brush in my purse- that takes up a lot of room! These little fold up brushes are the perfect size to fit in your purse. They fold up to a smaller size and most of them even have a mirror included. Also there is multiple options if you want a variety to pick from.
Mini makeup case:
If you are on the run, sometimes you don't have time to put on all of your makeup before you head out the door. Or maybe you are fighting a bad breakout that week and may need touch ups throughout the day. You can easily go to Walmart, Target, Beauty Brands, Walgreens, etc to find a small bag to keep your make up in like the picture below. They usually cost a few bucks and work pretty well. You can also find pretty fugly ones like the cats one below....seriously, don't buy that one. Or I can't ever talk to you again...seriously, it's fugly. 
Moving on...some companies even create mini makeup kits so you don't have to lug your full sized makeup in and out of your house. This kit even includes brushes, eye shadows, blush, mascara, concealer, the whole nine yards. If you are like me I feel like I am constantly looking where I put my mascara. You can ever create your own DIY mini make up kit.

Mini flat irons and curling irons:
I have had a mini curling iron before but I just found out they have mini flat irons too! These little beauties run off of butane so they don't even need to be plugged in. They heat up quick and do the job just as well as regular irons. And- look how little and cute they are! Most common ones sold are by Conair and they sell replacement butane cartridges. By the way- butane may sound scary but it's really not. It's totally safe and is a colorless and odorless gas. It will not cause irritation to your skin but don't shoot it in your eyes....if I have to tell you that then you probably shouldn't be near a curling iron anyways :)   It is like most other gases and is under pressure so don't curl or iron your hair next to an open flame. I mean who curls their hair next to a fireplace anymore, that's so last year. The flat irons mostly run off battery and need to be charged just like some electric razors. Needing to run somewhere after work but don't have time to go home to glam up? Just carry these in your purse and give your hair a quick touch up!

Credit card, debit card and license holder:
These little wallets help cut down on all the clutter your normal sized wallets can bring. After credit cards, debit cards, licenses, membership cards, discount cards, gift cards and all other cards I can't think of right now- your wallet starts to look the size of a small puppy. Reduce the clutter with a small wallet that only carries certain cards that you use on a regular basis and leave the other cards in a separate wallet. These are also great if you are going to an event that you don't feel like carrying your whole purse with you- just take it out and slip it in your pocket.


Phone charger case and cords:
This has happened to all of us- we are somewhere and our phone starts to die when we really need it! Cords floating all over your purse can get tangled in everything and are really annoying to get free from the black hole. There are a few things you can do to solve this problem. 1. Get a cord organizer like the ones below to keep your cords nice and tidy all the time. You can even DIY by using a clothes pin. 2. Buy a case that will do the charging for you. Mophie makes a good case for this and they offer ones for IPhones and Droids. The case plugs into the bottom of the phone and when you charge your phone with a wall charger it charges the case also. Then when you are about out of battery you can turn the case on and it will charge your phone. 3.Another option is a case that charges by having a plug in attached to the back. It folds into the case and can fold out when needed.

Receipt organizer:
The dreaded receipts. You get them for EVERYTHING. Some of the time you keep them to check against your bank account, or maybe just in case you have to return an item but receipts can clutter a purse faster than anything else. Throw in a receipt (and coupon) organizer to keep those crazy papers under control. Remember those index card holders you used in class to study? Those work great for this!


Hope these tips help keep your purse (a.k.a. the black hole) under control!


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