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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Organization in your car- prepare for winter

Hey all. My name is Allison and I like to organize. Just thought I might introduce myself again since it's been a century since I last posted!! (Not sure why I had to introduce myself like I was at an AA meeting. I'm half expecting someone to say back to me "Hi Allison" in unison.) Wanted to say sorry for the MIA behavior but I got a new job! That's right- a J.O.B. I'm super excited about it and it's going great so far!

Anyways- that's not what this post is about. It's about organizing your car and preparing for winter! I know I sound like a loon talking about preparing for winter-but honestly it is the perfect time to do so! Winter stuff is on sale and there are some great deals out there.

Think about the essentials you need out on the road. Of course you need things like an ice scraper, gloves, flashlight, etc. You might also want to look into some more supplies that will help you out in any situation.

Below is what I have in my car and each item has come in handy many times. You certainly can put more items or less that I do--but I thought I would share mine!

Here is my kit- pretty cool huh? Here's what all I carry: (from left to right)
1. Small towels and cloths - To help clean up spills or wipe away dust
2. Ice scraper (x2- you can never have enough!). Btw- they make some that fit like a glove and keep your hand nice and warm. Click HERE to check them out.
3. Sweatshirt. Always carry one! Never know when it will get chilly or worse when you are stranded and your car won't start. You know what that means-no heat!
4. Car emergency kit. I got this as a gift a long time ago and I'm super glad I did. It's got everything from jumper cables, rope, caution cones, tire inflator, flashlight,etc. Check out some HERE.
5. Blanket. Again - No heat=bad. Blanket=good.
6. Re-useable shopping bags - Save some plastic and use your own!
7. Flashlights - I carry one that requires a battery and one that turns on when you squeeze the handle.

There you have it! My mighty little kit! Also- you can't really see it but I have another ice scraper and an umbrella stuck behind my kit.
I put all these items in a car organizer- which is super convenient. If I want to take these out of my car for any reason- it just lifts out in a sec. Check the one I got from Harbor Freight HERE. There are also some other variations of different organizers- found HERE.

I also keep a few other things in my car that come in handy:

1. I have a cover for my front window to cut down on the heat in my car in the summer. Anyone that has lived through a Kansas summer knows it's REALLY hot.
2. I also have a "trash can" in the car to help keep it clean. By trash can I mean I use a cereal storage container and put a trash bag in it. It seals tight and snaps shut so if it spills over it's no big deal. Plus it's not to big and doesn't take up a ton of room.
3. Wet wipes - I use these ALL the time. I constantly run out of the house and forget to wipe makeup off my hands from putting it on, or I eat something sticky and need to wipe my hands.

So there you have it - my car organization kit(s). I have used every item in my car and some multiple times. When you are in a tough spot, having items in your car can be a real life saver. So go! Go buy winter items in the summer like a crazy person! :)

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